Sunday, September 20, 2009


I don't think there are many people who don't look at their tiny baby and envision that one day they will grow up and marry their own Prince or Princess. When they are growing up we often wonder what their future spouse is doing right at that moment. Where do they live? Are they happy? Then we wonder how their paths will cross and what will transpire to make them aware that this is 'the one?' In our prayers for our son's future wife, we prayed that she was growing up knowing Jesus.

I have introduced you to my son and to his Princess on this blog before. You can read their stories here and here and here and here. I have shared over and over again how proud I am of both of them.

Today, I will sit and watch my handsome son proclaim his love for his Princess in front of God and his closest friends and family members. I will try not to cry when I think about the little boy who was going to 'grow up and marry mommy.' I will try not to think about how fast 25 years have gone.

Today, I will rejoice with him as he makes the most beautiful girl in the world his wife. I will thank God, with him, for her. I will thank God that she is a godly woman, beautiful inside and out and living her life for Him. Today, I will try to memorize every moment of watching my son look into the eyes of his bride, promising to love, honor and cherish her. Today, I will smile when they are introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pumpernickel for the very first time.

Today, on his wedding day, I will dance with my handsome son. Today, I will tell him how proud I am of him. I might even remind him that he will always be my baby. Today, I will tell him how much I love him. I don't know what song he has chosen for us to dance to, so I may or may not listen to the words, and I may or may not have a tear in my eye, but I will try to cherish every step that we take.

Today, I will celebrate when they ride off in their limo to begin the rest of their lives together. Today, I will gladly welcome the newest Mrs. Jon Pumpernickel into the family.

Today, is a day parents dream about.

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Z-Mama said...

Dang, I am way too emotional to be reading something like this! I am looking at my little 19 day old son with tears in my eyes.

I know the day will be beautiful and I can't wait to see pictures!