Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please Check Out This New Blog

All of you are aware of the drama that surrounds my youngest grandson. It has yet to play itself out. Our family holds tight to the promise that God is good and He is in control. No matter what happens in the next weeks and months we will cling to that promise and we will praise Him!

My awesome son is new to the blog world. Like his sister, he is an amazing writer. Please visit his blog and read his recent post about his nephew. Warning: Bring kleenex.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Was Sooooo Embarassing!!

Dear Sister,

Oh how you owe me!!! I hadn't told you about how badly our father embarrassed me a couple of weeks ago. Truth be told, I just wanted to forget all about it, but then today happened. I quickly remembered the other incident and decided that it had to be blogged. I truly want to know if you can top either of these episodes.

The first incident happened when dad and I went to the Olive Garden. After standing beside the table for 5 minutes (like he always does) and declaring in his lovely loud voice that he needed a minute to unlock his knees before we could exit the restaurant, I told him that I was going to use the restroom on the way out. When I came back out, he was standing in the lobby by the hostess. As I approached, he said, "Well, here comes my other-half." I can guarantee you it wasn't quiet. I can guarantee you that the look on my face must have been pretty funny because the hostess simply winked at me. There were several people standing around and I had to resist the urge to clear up any misconception. Being dad's 'other-half' is wrong on so many levels, but I quickly discerned that I would probably not see any of those people ever again and I let it go.

Today I had to take our dad to the grocery store. You know, the one he insists on driving all the way to. First of all, he drove, which is another story all in itself, but we managed to get there in one piece. By the way, I drove home. Anyway, we were in the detergent aisle. He asked me in a voice that was just short of being megaphone volume:

"Do you know anything about this new Shout bleach alternative? I have a coupon for it. I'm getting a little bit disgusted with Clorox. It just doesn't seem to be getting the stains out of my underwear." TMI!! Oh my goodness!! Does the entire grocery store need to know about that? Did I need to know about that?

So, sister dear, can you top either one of those? Where were you when I needed you? Starbucks wasn't nearly enough. I thought about stopping off at a bar. Until I remembered that I don't really drink. Oh well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Utah Fun and Tagged For a MeMeMe

We spent Easter in Utah with two of the cutest little boys in the world. My oldest grandson makes me laugh all of the time. Over the last 6 months his language skills have exploded. He reminds me of his mommy at that age....if he can't talk he just might blow up. He says the funniest things and his speech patterns are adorable. I could sit and listen to him talk all day long.

He was really cute on Easter. He knows that that is the day that "Jesus rose again." The way he says it just melts my heart. He was also cute with all of the 'bunny' stuff too. He insisted on opening each egg as he found it at the Easter Egg Hunt. Too funny. Good thing he was with little kids his own age or he would have only gotten one egg.

My youngest grandson is precious. We last saw the boys 4 weeks ago. In those 4 weeks #2 has exploded too. Not with verbal skills mind you, but from a skinny newborn to a CHUBBY infant. He has rolls and creases all over the place. Too cute.

While we were there we went to two different parks to play. One of them is a historical park with old buildings and farm equipment. There were plenty of ducks to feed and animals to see. There was also a tractor ride. My #1 grandson and Papa went on the tractor. I stayed with a sleeping #2 grandson and watched.

The second park was amazing. The play equipment made me want to be a kid again.

It was windy and brisk that day, but grandson #1 had a good time anyway.

And grandson #2 loved just hanging out:

My hubby and grandson #1 are still joined at the hip. He only wants to be with Papa when Papa is around. That's okay with me because it just couldn't be any more precious. One evening Hubby and I loaded the boys into their strollers to take them for a walk. Hubby was putting #2 in his stroller and I was holding the stroller still so that #1 could climb into it. He took my hands and pushed them off the handle of the stroller and said, "No, Papa's stroller." I asked him if he meant that Papa had to push that stroller and he said, "Yes, Papa push. You push other stroller." And there you have it. I can't even push him in the stroller if Papa is around.

When we returned from that walk Papa and #1 played tackle football while #2 and I watched. #1 was having so much fun tackling and being tackled that he when he would laugh he would start snorting.

It was a great visit. Too short, as always, but great just the same. We weren't home but just a few minutes when Hubby said how much he already missed the boys. One of the things I taught #1 to say while we were there was, "Papa retire." You know, if #1 wants it, Papa just might do it. We actually looked at a few houses and town homes while we were there. Once my son and his fiance figure out where they are going to spend the rest of their lives we'll have to see what the future holds. For now #1 can just keep working his magic on Papa's heart :o)

Please keep our family in your prayers this week. Especially on Thursday. There is a hearing in regards to the adoption. Nothing will be settled at this hearing, but pray that the attorneys get the judge they want for future hearings and that all of the counsel gets appointed the way everyone wants it to. Continue to pray for our grandson and his future.

Now that that is completed, my daughter tagged me for a MeMeMe, so here goes:

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. My son's wedding in September.
2. Resolution of my grandson's contested adoption.
3. My husband retiring in the next couple of years.
4. Traveling more.
5. Going to Utah for my grandson's birthday in July.
6. Mother-Daughter Tea at church with Heather.
7. Women's Retreats this fall. (Hopefully, I am going to Utah for one)
8. Having more grandchildren to love and spoil.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Got a bear hug from my grandson.
2. Flew home from Salt Lake.
3. Picked up my dog.
4. Ate Rubio's fish tacos.
5. Went to Costco.
6. Unpacked.
7. Did laundry.
8. Watched Biggest Loser.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Pay off all of my daughter's adoption attorneys.
2. Pay off my kids student loans.
3. Cut myself in half and live near both of my kids.
4. Buy a mountain cabin.
5. Be a travel writer.
6. Go to Lake Tahoe.
7. Find an amazing dress for my son's wedding.
8. Eat anything I want and never gain weight.

8 shows I enjoy:

1. Survivor
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Private Practice
4. Biggest Loser
5. Amazing Race
6. Criminal Minds
7. American Idol
8. Friends (reruns)

8 people I tag:

1. Dena at Happily Ever After
2. Zandra at Mrs. Brown
3. Heather at The Heaven I'm Headed To
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If you were already tagged by someone else, of course, you don't have to do it again.

Sorry this is such a long and rambling post, but I haven't posted in a while and I had a lot to say. Uh-oh, where do you suppose my daughter and #1 grandson get it?