Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palm Springs in the Summer

In July of 1990 Hubby and I decided to go to Palm Springs. I don't really know why we chose to go in the summer. I think I had this idea that Palm Springs was all about green grass and palm trees and sparkling swimming pools, never stopping to realize that a desert is still a desert no matter how many trees you plant.

That being said, we still had a good time. We stayed in a nice hotel that I don't remember the name of. Eighteen years is a long time you know. Anyway, the first day we went to the water park. I had never been to a water park before. The first slide that we chose was an enclosed tube thingy. It was so hot inside, and the chlorine smell was so overpowering, because of the heat, that I thought I would never drop out the other end. The rest of the day, we stuck to open air rides and lazy rivers. To this day, I love water parks.

We spent a lot of time by the pool. We went out for nice dinners and a movie. One day we even became real tourists and took a cheesy tour of 'The Stars Homes.' All it really was was a bus ride down residential streets where said tour guide pointed to houses and said Liberace lives there. Seriously, who knows, anyone could have lived there and we would have believed him.

We were there for three days. While it was hot, it was fun. And my husbands record keeping isn't perfect after all. He doesn't have a price for this trip. Hmmmmm....maybe I should have skipped this post.

Next vacation, August 1990....Lake Tahoe yet again. After this, I promise that we will start to branch out and see more of this great country. Really, I promise.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tagged for a MeMeMe

My lovely daughter tagged me for a mememe.....

1. Where is your cell phone? In my purse. On vibrate because my ring tone is 'San Diego Super Chargers' and, right now, they aren't very super.

2. Where is your significant other? He got called to work to go and search for a lost hiker in the Borrego Desert. So, he's probably flying.

3. Your hair color? I have no idea if it is dark brown with a little grey or a lot grey with a little brown. But, I pay to have it be a dark brown with auburn highlights. :)

4. Where is your mother? In heaven.

5. Where is your father? He is probably in his mobile home in Lakeside, unless he is out running errands.

6. Your favorite thing? There could never be just one (in the words of Aaron). So, my family. My friends. Coffee ice cream. Peanut butter pretzels. My golden retriever, Sierra. And traveling, especially to Lake Tahoe.

7. Your dream last night? I don't remember. But, the night before I dreamt that our Youth Pastor's wife slapped me. If you know my youth pastor, you know that that is a totally random dream. I haven't even seen her in a few weeks, so I'm not sure what that was all about. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her husband and my son are in a couple of seminary classes together and nothing good could ever come of that.

8. Your dream/goal? That all of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren (you get the idea) would know and love Jesus and that when I die the dash on my headstone would really represent a life that was worthy of standing before God and hearing "well done, my good and faithful servant."

9. The room you're in? Depends on who you ask. I would consider it my son's old bedroom/now turned into an office. He would say that it's the shrine to his dad.

10. Your hobby? Again there's not just one answer. Traveling, scrap booking and walking.

11. Your fear? My husband dying before me.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Retired. Living near at least one of my children and their family.

13. Where were you last night? At home. We went on a 3.5 mile walk.

14. What you're not? Short.

15. One of your wish-list items? A camera like Heather's.

16. Where you grew up? From age 2.5 on in San Diego. Before that I lived in Seattle, Los Angeles, Guantanamo Bay, and Norfolk.

17. Last thing you did? Before I started answering this I talked to my daughter and grandson on the phone.

18. What are you wearing? Black shorts and top.

19. Your TV? Something really old.

20. Your pet? A 10 year old golden retriever, Sierra and a box turtle, Ginger.

21. Your computer? Gateway

22. Your mood? I have a wedding today. We had an interesting rehearsal which could be a post all in itself, so my mood is edgy. I need to be a godly representative for MVCC today and I will need a lot of patience to make that happen.

23. Missing someone? You bet.

24. Your car? 2002 Toyota Tacoma and 1998 Honda Accord.

25. Something you're not wearing? Makeup

26. Favorite Store? Kohl's for clothes, Costco for yummy food and fun household items.

27. Your summer? Summer technically starts with Memorial Day, so I started my summer camping with my hubby, daughter and grandson. Spent two more weeks during the summer with them. One here and one in Tahoe. Got to spend some time at the lake with my son and his girlfriend. It was a good summer.

28. Love someone? Lots of someones. With all of my heart.

29. Your favorite color? Shades of blue and purple.

30. When is the last time you laughed? Today on the phone with my grandson.

31. When is the last time you cried? On my daughter's birthday.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

February 1990 - Brianhead

In February of 1990 the gang all converged to go skiing at Brianhead. By now the kids who were 8 and 6 were getting pretty good at skiing. They just whizzed down the hills, often leaving their slow mom at the top. They were even getting themselves onto the lifts by now. Here is a picture of me on the ground and my mom-in-law about to go onto the ground.

This was the first year that we didn't have clear sailing all the way up the mountain. We spent the night in Las Vegas, like we often did. The next day we headed toward Brianhead, stopping in Cedar City for groceries. There was no where to buy groceries in Brianhead. You could find a little convenience store with milk etc., but that was priced like gold. We would all stop in Cedar City and pile the groceries into coolers and any other available space we could find in our cars. This year, our son decided to ride with his aunt and uncle after we bought groceries. The weather wasn't very good. It was lightly snowing. There had been snow on the road since we had left Vegas. When we got to Parawan (the town that you turn off at to head up the mountain) the road conditions had really changed. It was snowing hard and the road up to the resort wasn't plowed. We were stuck in Parawan. If you have ever been to Parawan you will understand that there isn't much there. We found a little diner and went inside to wait for the snow plows. I'm not sure how long we sat in there, probably not as long as it felt like. Finally, a snow plow started up the hill and our caravan closely followed. Even with chains, we were slipping and sliding on some of the tight turns. I remember wishing my son was in the same car. We finally made it safely and a fun week of skiing began.

I think this is the year that my sister-in-law brought the 'plastic hand/forearm.' We were staying in two different condos again. One night, she and I took the hand and buried it so that it was sticking up out of the snow. We did this somewhere along the path between our two condos. There was a picnic bench, barely recognizable under all of the snow. We put it there. Then we went into the other condo and pulled our husband's aside (one a cop, the other a paramedic/firefighter) and told them that we thought we found someone buried in the snow. They went into "work" mode and rushed to the scene to do what they do best. As they approached, we had to stay behind them because we were trying so hard not to laugh. They walked toward this hand very slowly, bent down, accessed the situation and just when we thought they were going to start frantically digging the victim out, one of them says, "Wait a minute, this thing isn't real" and pulls the hand out of the snow. We laughed hysterically, because really, we did get them. We saw them start to fall hook, line and sinker! Good times.

This is also the year that my husband tried to kill my two children, with me watching. We had snow saucers that the kids used to slide down the hills on. One day we all went over by one of the lifts after skiing had ended for the day. We hiked up the hill and both of my kids got on the saucer together. My hubby pushed them off and they took off down the hill at a pretty rapid rate of speed. The only problem was that those saucers don't have steering wheels or brakes or seat belts and they weren't wearing helmets. My husband had started them off too close to the ski lift poles. They were headed right toward a pole at the bottom of the hill. They were screaming, I was screaming, hubby was screaming for them to "bail." Of course they didn't. They ran into the pole. I have never seen my Hubby fun faster, before or since. They were fine. Scared, but fine. I think that this might be the part where the mom in me went ballistic and let Hubby have it for not thinking that one through, but it does make for a good blog 18 years later.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, as I remember. As always, a good time was had by all. Total cost for a week of skiing....$615.00.

Next vacation is a long weekend getaway to Palm Springs.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

27 years ago today, on September 8, 1981, my hubby and I were blessed with the most amazing gift. 8 lb. 9oz, 20 inch long, Lori Elizabeth Pumpernickel* came into this world after 22 1/2 hours of labor and being 3 weeks overdue. From the moment she was placed into my arms my world changed. She was the gift that allowed me to be called 'mommy' and allowed the world to see us as a family and not just a couple.

The first time I held her was like holding my own heart and soul in my arms. I had the same hopes and dreams for her that every new mother holds for their child. I wanted her to be healthy, happy, safe and successful. I wanted things to be easy for her. I wanted her to have opportunities that I never had. I wanted to protect her and shield her from the world we live in. I was anxious to experience her milestones and her firsts with her. She was beautiful. She was perfect. She was part of me and part of my hubby. She was ours. I remember holding her and having her staring at me with huge eyes. Eyes that were taking in all that was going on around her. I remember being overwhelmed at the amount of responsibility that God had entrusted me with. I remember deciding that I couldn't promise her that she would never be sick. I couldn't promise that she would always be happy. I could do my best to keep her safe, but I couldn't control the world. I could give her the tools to be successful, but only she could make her dreams come true. In that moment, I turned raising her over to Jesus Christ. I prayed for the tools to be the best mom possible to this little miracle and asked for the help and guidance I would need to raise a godly woman for Him.

26 birthdays have come and gone. With each one she grew and changed and we celebrated all of her growth and milestones. On her first birthday she was disgusted by the prospect of actually getting her hands dirty in her cake:

The day of her 5th birthday she started kindergarten with a, "bye mom, bye dad, see you later," sense of confidence.

By her 10th birthday she knew Jesus. She loved Jesus. She could memorize scripture and rattle off bible verses like no other. She was storing God's word in her heart. She was already showing us glimpses of the godly young woman she was to become.

At 15 she was a special young woman. Holding true to the things she believed in and living her life for Jesus.

On her 18th birthday she was at a Christian College. She had become the beautiful, godly woman that we had prayed she would be. She was ready and open to serving her Savior, wherever that might take her.

Just before her 22nd birthday, she married her prince. A pastor. She committed her life fully to serving the Lord and embarked on a life of ministry.

Last November, their ministry led them to "that other state." She willingly jumped into the role of a Senior Pastor's wife. She left her family, her friends and the only place she had ever lived because Jesus called her to. Jesus says in Mark 16:15- "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Our daughter is doing just that.

Today, her 27th birthday, will be the first birthday, since she was born, that we won't get to celebrate with her. We will miss that. We will miss watching her open her gifts and we will miss sharing her cake with her. We will miss her smile and her laugh. I know that I will probably shed a few tears over the course of the day if I let myself think too much about missing her.

27 years ago, we praised God for our beautiful baby girl. We asked Him to give us the tools to raise a godly woman for Him. Today we wish our first pride and joy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we thank Him for the pleasure of raising her and loving her and watching her grow to love Him. We are proud of who she has become.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!! We love you!!

*Of course our last name isn't Pumpernickel, that would just be silly. I don't usually even use the names of my family in my blog, but it didn't seem appropriate to announce the birth of 'baby girl Pumpernickel.' And, for those of you who don't know us, Pumpernickel isn't really much worse than the real thing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August 1989-Tahoe #6

I have a couple of new readers to my blog. In case you are wondering why I am posting ancient pictures of my family, it's because I'm doing a series on all of the vacations that we have taken and how much each one has cost. It started out as a way to tease Hubby about his insanely annul record keeping in which he has the dates of every vacation we have ever taken and how much it cost. I have to eat a little crow now though, because I am having a lot of fun walking back down memory lane. Looking at pictures, remembering what happened on each trip and wishing that we could take a vacation for that cheap now. We are currently up to August of 1989. Our family spent two weeks at our favorite hang out-Lake Tahoe.

Every time that we would take the kids we would try and do something new that they hadn't done before. That is, of course, until we had done everything there was to do and had to start over again. This year was no exception. We decided to go to the Ponderosa Ranch. It was based on the television show Bonanza. The original show was actually filmed in Lake Tahoe. You could tour the ranch house from Bonanza and stand in the Cartwright's living room or peek into Hop Sing's kitchen. When you went to the Ponderosa you could walk down the street of what was supposed to be an old western town. They had shops, museums, old western buildings and places to eat. If you got there first thing in the morning, you could ride a hay wagon up to the top of a mountain and have a pancake breakfast. We decided to do that this particular year. It was cold and we bundled up for the hayride. We had no idea what to expect. About halfway up the hill there was a staged robbery of our wagon and a bag of money was taken from us. The driver of our wagon shot the 'bad guy' and he fell off of his horse. He was laying on the ground holding the bag of money. The driver asked my 5 1/2 year old son to get off of the wagon and retrieve the money bag. Being the brave little boy that he was, he eagerly complied. As soon as he bent down to grab the money bag the 'bad guy' grabbed his hand. My son jumped a mile, but he didn't let go of the bag. He ran back to the wagon like someone had lit a firecracker underneath him!

The rest of the wagon ride was pretty uneventful and we arrived at the pancake breakfast. This quickly became tradition. The food was so good and the view was amazing. There is nothing better than hot pancakes, sausage links, scrambled eggs, hot chocolate and fresh juices on a cold morning. After eating, you could either ride back down on a wagon or hike down. If you hiked, you just might see a few deer. Once back down in the town, no visit was complete without purchasing a tin cup with an icy drink. If we timed our trip right we would get to see a western show complete with a gunfight. At different times both of our children have been chosen to participate in the show. Here is a picture of both of them with one of the cowboys.

That year we also rode the cable car at Heavenly Valley up to the top and did a little hiking. Below are a couple of pictures of us taken at the top. The one of myself and the kids got torn taking it out of the album, but I'm going to post it anyway.

Back then, school always started the week after Labor Day. We usually took our vacation the two weeks right before that. When we left the lake we were well rested and ready to start the school year. This year's cost....$435.00. Next vacation...February 1990. Skiing in Brianhead.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brianhead Skiing March, 1989

In March of 1989 we all went skiing to Brianhead again. This time we invited my sister, husband and my 9 month old nephew. Now that my kids were 5 and 7, and clearly old enough to take themselves up and down stairs, we rented a different condo. Yep, gone were the three flights of stairs and no elevator. This time we stayed at the Aspen's. We had two condos split between the group. We weren't side by side so we would walk back and forth to eat meals together and to hang out. There was a lot of snow that year. Here is a picture of the condo.

One of the things that we always used to do when we would go skiing was to rotate cooking meals. Each couple would be responsible for cooking one dinner while we were there. I don't remember which couple served chocolate pudding for dessert, but I doubt that would own up to it now. My 9 month old nephew had never had pudding before. It seemed harmless enough to let him have a few bites. After all, there was no chewing involved. I don't really know how much he ate, but we might as well have shot a narcotic straight into his veins. I was holding him shortly after he ate and he began to literally climb up the wall behind me. He was wired so tight that he could not sit still. This went on for hours. My sister could not get him to relax enough to fall asleep. Later, when we all went to bed, she had to put him in bed with her and her husband. We could hear him in the bed between them saying, "Peek!" over and over again. He was pulling their eyes open to play peek-a-boo. We were laying in our room and laughing hysterically. Needless to say, I don't think that my nephew was ever allowed to eat pudding again and he's now 20 years old.

Because there was so much snow the skiing was excellent. Here are a couple of pictures of my kids on the slopes.

She was one of the cutest little ski bunnies on the slopes. She took "making a pie" very seriously.

The kids spent a lot of time that year playing with their cousin in the snow. The last day they were reporting that a big storm was coming in. My sister and her husband decided to leave a night early. They wanted to beat the storm. The rest of us stayed and this is what we woke up to the morning we were supposed to leave:

Somewhere underneath those four lumps are our cars. Since parking lots are the last thing to be plowed, we had to wait for the main roads to be plowed first. Of course once that started to happen, the guys couldn't help themselves and went down to try and dig us out. I think we might have gotten out of there around 10 in the morning.

As always, Brianhead was a good time.

5 days skiing, gas, food and lodging.....$$780.00

Next vacation. Bet you can't guess.....Tahoe.....August 1989.