Monday, May 4, 2009


There are times in the life of a parent that you are just so dang proud of your kid that you think you are going to burst. Those are the moments that you have to share with everyone. I think it's a law of parenting or something. My son has given me many such moments. He won more than his share of awards while growing up for both academics and athletics. He graduated from High School. He graduated from UCSD. He finished his classes for both of his Master's Degrees in December. Friday night was the graduation ceremony.

The night before his graduation he was asked to speak at the graduation banquet. Nothing about the evening went the way that he thought it would. I'll let you read about it for yourself on his blog.

After the ceremony a man approached my husband and I. He asked us if we were our son's parents and proceeded to tell us that he had had the privilege of sitting with our son at the banquet the night before. He said that he was so impressed by him, and by his speech, that he wished he could see our son in 20 years. He said that he would want to see how the Lord had used him and what our son was doing for the Lord. That moment, and those words, coming from a total stranger, were incredible. I was already proud of my son. I was proud of how hard he had worked to finish those degrees. I was proud of the fact that he was the youngest student in his class. I was proud of the decisions that he was making for his life. I was proud of the fact that he was choosing to serve the Lord. Yet to have a total stranger tell us how our son had touched him in such a short period of time was a testimony about the man that he had become. I know that God is going to use my son in a mighty way.

Here are a few pictures from the graduation:

Receiving one of his two degrees. Counseling Psychology maybe?

My favorite. Some of the graduates kneeling in prayer at the close of the ceremony. It was awesome to see them on their knees thanking Him for their successes.

Picture taken afterwards of the smiling graduate with us and his beautiful fiance:

Congratulations to my son!


Crayl said...

WOOHOO! That is fabulous. And yes I read his blog too...great story, too bad though.

J@net said...

I totally agree with you, i have had strangers come up to me great things about my son and his Faith. it makes me feel awesome =) so proud.

Congratulations to your son. Daniel is graduating with his Master's in July!

Dena said...

your kids always blow me away, you done good, girl. i was so bummed that you guys missed his speech, but so glad that God got the glory in the end. What a blessing.