Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lori!

28 years ago today I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Yep, you read that correctly. I am the mother of a 28 year old. Of course, I had her when I was 11, therefore making it not nearly as bad as it sounds.

Seriously. Happy Birthday Lori! 28 years ago today you came in to this world. With your birth I earned the honor of being called Mommy. You were perfect in every way. You were my pink, chubby heart beating outside of my body. You were love like nothing I had ever experienced. I couldn't believe God had chosen me to raise you and I was utterly in awe of how blessed I was.

Don't get me wrong. There were times that I wanted to give you back. I surely didn't enjoy colossal temper tantrums, stomping little feet, hands on hips sighs, door slamming, incessant talking or bossy big sister moments. Yet in the big scheme of things, I wouldn't even trade those moments for the honor and pleasure of being your mom. As I watched you grow up you never ceased to amaze me. You were funny, smart, strong willed, competitive, talented, loving, loyal and, at times, down right silly. You were the best daughter, sister and friend. Now you can proudly add wife, pastor's wife and mommy to the list.

I know that this year hasn't been the easiest, but you have handled it with grace, dignity and above all a faith that rivals none other. You are my hero and my role model for living life in a fish bowl.

You started kindergarten the day of your 5th birthday. How appropriate that your little Rock Star should start pre-school today. Now you can add yet another title to your list, 'mother of a preschooler' and all that that will entail.

Enjoy your day at the movies today. Eat a piece of cake for me.

I love you and wish you a very Happy 28th Birthday.



Lori said...

You forgot eye rolling. I was REALLY good at eye rolling.

Thanks. If I'm any of the things you listed, it is to your credit. Well, I mean, first I'd have to say it's the Holy Spirit. But then it's you. :-)

heidi said...

well done, ginny for raising such a wonderful daughter you just described!

J'lene said...

Ginny, reading this just gave me a glimmer of hope! We are going through the eye rolling, hands on hips with a sigh, sassy backtalk, etc... and I'm not handling it so well. I keep telling myself that this too will pass (then there will be more hurdles to jump)and God will guide me through it every step of the way!

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