Friday, October 28, 2011

He Should Have Put The Cellphone Away

Hubby and I are still laughing.  Tonight we witnessed something that clearly wasn't intended for us to see.  We are the only ones who saw.  The person who was supposed to see was too busy playing with his cell phone.  I don't know if he was texting or playing a game or exactly what he was doing, but he had zero situational awareness.

We were at the bank.  It was after hours and we pulled up to use one of the 2 ATM's.  It was dark.  There are two ATM's at this particular bank and they are side by side.  When we parked there was a man at one and the other was free.  As my hubby walked up to the available one the other man finished and walked away.  He quickly drove off and another car pulled up and parked.  As Hubby finished and came back to the car a young woman walked up to the machine.  Hubby commented on what she was wearing.  As I recall, he said something along the lines of, "I wish you would wear a short little skirt like that."  He is typically kidding when he says things like that, but it usually annoys me nonetheless.  That being said, I looked up to see just how short this skirt was.  Well, it was a Halloween costume.  She was dressed like Minnie Mouse.  She had on a short polka dotted skirt complete with a long black tail.  Hubby hadn't seen the tail when he made the comment.  I immediately start to laugh and told him that it was clearly a costume. 

I don't know if she didn't realize we were there or if she didn't care, but she starts dancing and shaking her backside in such a way that her tail is swinging to and fro while she is making her ATM transaction.  She is clearly doing this for the benefit of the young man in the drivers seat of the car she got out of.  Her movements were very exaggerated.  We were laughing hysterically.  Partly because the tail was swaying back and forth and partly because we can't believe she would be doing it if she realized we were still there.

Then I glance over to the see what the young man in the car waiting for her is doing and I really can't believe it.  He isn't even looking at her.  He is playing with his cell phone.  He has no idea that she is in all probability trying to seduce him.  Poor guy.  He is so attached to social media that he just.doesn't.even.see.her. 

We drove away and as we got to the other end of the parking lot we could see that she was still dancing and bending over etc.  Well, you get the picture.  Too bad he didn't.