Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Use This Company

The limo was a no show after my son's wedding. They simply never showed up. They were supposed to take them from San Diego to LAX. They waited for over an hour before leaving in a private car. They both refused to let it ruin their day, but they were disappointed.

Hubby and I tried to deal with the situation while they were on their honeymoon, because we didn't want to let it go for 10 days.

We got nothing but the run-around. For starters, they wouldn't even take responsibility. They kept trying to tell us that it wasn't their fault because they had contracted it out to someone else. We asked them to compensate my son by picking them up at LAX on their return flight. They couldn't do that, wasn't their fault. We tried to be nice. We tried to get them to do the right thing. They simply won't. Finally frustrated, I told the company that I was going to put it on a blog and Facebook, not to mention the Better Business Bureau. The person that I had been dealing with basically let me know that he simply didn't care. So, he left me no choice....... Do NOT use TOP CAT Limousine service in San Diego!!! Don't let it ruin any of your upcoming events. Pass the word to anyone you think might benefit from knowing this. There are a lot of other limo companies in San Diego. Use one of them.


Deb said...

I am passing this along to family and friends in your area!

Aaron said...

Oh my... here's Top Cat's BBB review. What a joke these guys are.