Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Vacations

In a effort to move this series along, because, quite frankly, I'm bored with it, I am going to cover a few of our vacations in one blog. Some of them I have no pictures of and they were uneventful in general.

In January of 1992 we took the kids out of school and went to Brianhead to ski again. This year, we only went with our little family. The most memorable thing about that trip was that we ran into some old neighbors of ours that were vacationing there too. Their daughter and our daughter had been playmates from the age of 3 months until they moved away when the girls were 5. It was nice for them to get to see each other again. They skied together one afternoon and enjoyed each other's company.

The total cost of that 5 day trip was $773.00. Skiing sure does add up quickly.

In August of that year we went back to the cabin at Tahoe. We spent two weeks. We did all of the usual things like rafting, playing at the lake and going on our pancake breakfast hayride. I'm sure we got together with family down in Reno too. Total cost for two weeks of fun....$490.00.

In January of 1993 we took a long weekend and went skiing up at Big Bear. We rented a friends cabin and let each of the kids take a friend. Six people and all of our luggage barely fit into the van. We rented skis, boots and poles for all of the kids when we got up there. Then we stopped at the local grocery store. This is a picture of the poor kids in the van after we rented gear and went grocery shopping. They had to ride like that for the last couple of miles before we got to the cabin:

You can barely see the boys in the backseat.

Here is a picture of Hubby and I. Man, I had some big

The kids enjoying the snow with their best friends:

This was only a three day trip and we spent $615.00. Like I said before....skiing is expensive.

Next blog....Colorado and Missouri.

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Jon said...

HAHAHA, I love that you can see about one square inch of David's face in that picture. Classic.