Friday, November 21, 2008

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

It has been suggested to me that my blog posts, complete with pictures, might actually be embarrassing to my children. That they might not want their pictures from the 80's and the 90's shown for all those in cyberland to see. I've thought about this, and perhaps these people are right. So, my dear children, now is your chance to tell me, publicly, how you feel about this. I can certainly stop posting any pictures of you with glasses, short shorts, neon colors and goofy styles in general. I can refrain from showing you off when you were going through your 'awkward' stages with big huge teeth that didn't fit your faces yet or with braces. With bangs that stood up 3 inches, side pony tails, knobby knees and little boy haircuts. Yes, I can stop all of that.

Now, let me plead my case just a little and say that for every picture I embarrass you with, I embarrass your dad and I too. Dad has a huge caterpillar sitting on his upper lip, his shorts are too short by today's standards and his socks go half way up his legs. Then there's me. Good grief, could my hair get any bigger or my jeans any higher? What's with the shirts tucked into pants making my hips look even bigger than they already were?

Funny thing is, you guys were always dressed just like everyone else. EVERYBODY looked the same back then.....really they did. When I see those pictures, they make me smile and laugh. Not because we look goofy (which we do), but because they are a picture window to some of the best times of my life. I never realized how many amazing memories we created as a family on those vacations. I feel like God truly blessed us with time together and the opportunity to see some of his most beautiful creations.

So, I hope you understand that this never ending vacation series, wasn't started to embarrass you. I'm not trying to pay you guys back for anything that you may or may not have done while you were growing up to embarrass me. I would never use this blog to do that.......or would I?

Let it be noted that neither of my children has indicated, to me, that they are embarrassed by this blog. In fact, my daughter nominated me for the Uber Award. That being said, nothing is worse than being embarrassed by your parents. (That is definitely a blog all it's own....right sis?) So, to my daughter and my son.....speak now or FOREVER hold your tongues.


Jon said...

Nah, its cool. Heather and I had quite the laugh fest the other night over my neon fanny pack. *Goes and sits in the corner and shakes his head*

Lori said...

I think it's awesome. Embarrassing? Maybe. But I'm proud that I had parents who cared enough to take us on vacations and cultivate close relationships. I only hope that, 25 years from now, I can embarrass Garrett in the same way.

Ginny said...

Ok folks, there you have it!! The series will continue. Just as I suspected, my children know that those pictures are about much more than outdated clothes and hairstyles. Aren't my kids awesome?

Adams family said...

Your kids are awesome and Im glad that you are still doing the series cause I love the pictures and hearing the stories. We all know the 90s didnt have the best fashion choices.

Dena said...

oh my gosh, have i offended you? i'm so sorry that i ever said anything. i think it's so much fun to look back on good times with family. and lori's right, it only shows what a loving family you guys were. vacations are some of my best memories growing up because of what it says about my parents. bowl cut & polyester plaid pants and all. i love you and your blog!