Monday, November 17, 2008

Far Westerns and Lake Tahoe 1994

By the summer of 1994, our then 12 year old daughter's life was consumed with competitive swimming. We planned all of our vacations around when she could take breaks and sometimes even tried to combine the two.

This year was no different. She had qualified for Far Westerns. She had already had an awesome summer competing at the local level and she had earned the privilege of competing in Northern California against the top kids from the western states. So, we started our vacation in Northern California and then made our way to Tahoe.

Here is a picture of our daughter looking ever so serious waiting for her turn to swim:

Here she is on the blocks, getting ready to start her swim. She is on the bottom closest to us:

When the meet was over we headed to Lake Tahoe for 2 weeks. The usual fun was had by all. Here are a couple of my favorite photos of my kids from that trip. I still don't know why they were trying to snorkel in the world's coldest lake, but whatever...

Two weeks, including a side trip to Northern California......$811.00


Lori said...

I thought that the year I was 12 was the year that we went to Tahoe and I swam in Incline before J.O.'s am I wrong?

Also, I love that picture and encourage everyone to click on it and make it bigger. I look AWFUL but it is the best picture ever of the nervousness I almost always felt before a race. But...dang if I could have back the legs of a 12 year old.

Jon said...

Geez, Lori. You must not have been very good. I mean, you were in lane NINE! I really wish I had been older when you swam, though, because had I not been a bored little brother, I'm sure you were awesome to watch.
P.S. Someone please name a child or dog or something after my word verification for this comment: Quebrati

Ginny said...

Yes Lori, that is the year that you swam at Incline. I guess just to keep yourself in shape or something.....who knows. I'm even confused, but that's the order they are in the photo album.