Sunday, November 16, 2008

Summer of 1993

I have finally realized that if I wasn't so old this series on vacations would be long over and done. LONG. OVER. AND. DONE. For some reason, if I quit now, I'll feel like I left a project uncompleted. Must be some weird disorder I suffer from. Kind of like my feeling sorry for the last piece of cereal in the box or the last little bean in the can. I have to get them out so that they can fulfill their destiny and purpose. I know....I am sooooooo weird. I think I get it from my sister. (Just checking to see if you are reading my blog.)

Anyway, August of 1993 finds us in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona on a 2 week camping trip. At least that was what we were supposed to do when we planned the vacation. Shortly before we were to leave, my Hubby won a major aviation award and we had to add a side trip to St. Louis right in the middle of our trip. This was a semi-formal event and I had the honors of packing dress clothes mixed in with those bathing suits and hiking boots. Oh the fun.

We started out in Rocky Mountain National Park. When we arrived it was so windy that we could hardly set up the tent. I have video of my husband sitting in the tent trying to keep it from blowing into Kansas while we tried to hand him stuff to weight it down. Then we were finally able to put the tent stakes in. I am laughing so hard that the video camera is shaking. This is also where we invented a game that we played around the campfire. We would have someone sit a little away from the rest of us with a shoe near them. They would keep their eyes closed and then we would try and sneak up and grab the shoe. If they heard us they had to identify our location and we had to start over. At least that's how I think the game went. I'm sure the kids will correct me if I'm wrong. It was silly, but it was fun. Here we all are sitting around the campfire.

Scenery pictures from Rocky Mountain National Park:

A picture of us at 12,005 feet:

From there we headed to Denver and Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods:

The Air force Academy:

And the U.S. Olympic Training Center:

From there, we left all of our camping gear in a campground, on the faith plan, and flew to St. Louis for my Hubby's Air Crew of the Year awards ceremony. While there we visited the arch:

I'm sure you can imagine the humidity in the dead of summer in the Midwest. As we were getting off of the airplane, my 11 year old daughter asked us why the heater was on.

After we flew back to Colorado, we visited Denver and then headed to New Mexico to Albuquerque and Santa Fe. After that we were in Williams, Arizona where we surprised the kids with a sleepover in a Tee Pee. It even rained that night and who knew that the rain doesn't come in the top of a tee pee? It simply runs down the sides.

From there, a stop in Laughlin to experience the 120 degree heat before heading home.

Two weeks camping with a side flight to St. Louis....$2311.00


Jon said...

Okay, our clothes are still totally lame and I'm still totally nerdy.

Vicki said...

Yes, I read your blog! And it seems to me that I must get it from YOU...after all, you ARE the oldest, you know! Seriously, though, I didn't know you felt the same way about the last little piece of kids totally think I'm weird - "eat this last wants to go be with its friends!"

Lori said...

Who, on earth, took that first picture? It looks like someone set up the camera but then we are just acting all casual. It's weird.

Dena said...

Okay, forget the rest of the post, I had to comment. The whole 'being old and have way too many vacations' totally made me laugh. And then your bit about letting every last bean out of the can so it can fulfill it's destiny, I'm EXACTLY like that and I never thought it was weird till now...thanks! :o) But that bean is special, isn't it???

Dena said...

Oh, and can I agree with Jon on his nerdy look. Nice! And I'm SO glad my mom doesn't blog!

Adams family said...

The comments you get on your blog make me laugh as much as some of your stories do. I agree with Dena, Im glad my mom doesnt put old pictures of me on a blog because I would look just as weird, haha. I love garden of the gods by the way.