Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

Yesterday was a weird day. In the morning, my sister, husband and I went with my dad to plan and pay for his funeral services. Before I tell you any more, let me assure you that my dad, at 81.5 years old, is in good health. Other than sore knees (which he tells EVERYBODY about) and an overactive imagination bordering on hypochondria (oh forget being PC, he is a hypochondriac), dad is pretty doggone healthy. When asked, he says that he wants to live to be 100. If that happens it would be awesome, but my sister and I would be official card carrying members of a 12 step program.

Anyway, dad decided that he wanted to have his funeral services planned and paid for so that sis and I won't have to worry about it in like 18.5 years. In all seriousness, we are very appreciative. It was kind of weird picking out the verse that would go onto his funeral cards and picking out his urn. My dad picked a nice (as far as urns go) grey urn with gold trim and a picture of an eagle and American Flag. Very representative of his years of service in the Navy. Because he is entitled to a Military burial complete with a flag and gun salute, he also purchased a case to hold the flag. When it was time to pay for everything the wonderful lady we were dealing with informed us that because my father's passing isn't imminent, one of his daughters would need to take the urn and flag holder with us to insure that it would still be available when the time comes. Horrified, I quickly replied that, no, neither of his daughters needed an empty urn hanging around the house for the next two decades and that dad himself could store it at his house. Dad agreed to take it and hide it somewhere and now we can all just forget about it. Later that evening my sister called me and asked me what in the world we would have done if dad had been shopping for a casket. Where would we have stored that? LOL

After leaving the funeral home my husband and I went directly to meet our son, his beautiful fiance and her parents to look at potential wedding sites. I enjoyed this part of the day a lot more than the first part. We looked at several places and have one strong possibility right on the water in Mission Bay. We all enjoyed lunch together at Miguel's, home of the amazing white cheese sauce and tortilla chips. (This is where my daughter, the pastor's wife, will have a nasty comment because she LOVES Miguel's and wasn't there to enjoy it.) We had a fun afternoon and appreciated them including us in the search even if they were less than impressed with their parents ideas of using Sea World animals as part of their ceremony. After all, they did meet while working at Sea World.

Today I went Christmas shopping. Now, before you all start commenting on the fact that we haven't had Thanksgiving yet, let me explain. I am going camping the day after Thanksgiving and the following week I am going to visit my daughter in that other state that she lives in. I won't be home until the 10th of December. I don't want to have to fight the crowds and do it all then. I am trying to get it all done before Thanksgiving so that I can relax and enjoy the holidays when I get back. Side note: I would be a whole lot more successful at this if my future daughter-in-law would tell me what she wants. No pressure or anything :0)

While I was out and about today I saw the strangest thing and I had a nice thing happen to me. First, while I was driving, I saw a man jogging. He had a belt around his waist with a chain attached to it. He was dragging a tire behind him on the chain. I have no idea if this was some kind of resistance training or what, but it was funny looking. Then I thought I lost my cell phone. I always put my cell phone in my pocket when I'm out so that I can feel it vibrate when someone calls me. I put it in the same pocket ALWAYS. I never, ever put it anywhere else. I parked to walk into Kohl's and realized that my cell phone wasn't in my pocket. I thought maybe I had put it in my purse during my last stop because my husband had called me. I sat back down in my car and searched my entire cell phone. Just about the time I thought I was going to have to go back to the last place I had been, I realized that I could feel my phone in my back pocket. Thankful that I hadn't lost it and bewildered as to why I had put it there, I started back toward the store again. Just then a woman asked me if I would like her discount coupon because she was done shopping. You received your coupon in the mail for either a 15, 20 or 30 percent discount. Mine was 20. Hers was 30. I appreciatively accepted her offer and then thanked God for having me put my cell phone in my back pocket. The time that I took to look for it ultimately put me in the right place at the right time. 10 percent is 10 percent after all.

That's it. That's my strange Tuesday and my Wacky Wednesday.


Lori said...

Creepy funeral stuff. Weird tire guy story. AND I HAVEN'T HAD MIGUEL'S SINCE LONG BEFORE I MOVED A YEAR AGO! Grrrr. Ship me some!

Vicki said...

I just can't get the visual out of my head of the casket right in the middle of the spare bedroom. With the lid lifted, of course, ready for company to spend the night. Or perhaps in the middle of the living room? We could replace the sofa sleeper! Ah...good times were had by all! And just imagine what "Mrs. Kravitz" (spelling?) would say...we're already bad enough daughters! Sometimes it's fun to think of new ways to annoy her...this would be a doozie!

heather said...

I'm sending you my list now :)