Sunday, July 27, 2008

Las Vegas Update

I've had a couple of people inquire how on earth this weekend could have only cost $80.00. I admit, I thought it was a typo too, but my Hubby doesn't do typos. Not when it comes to his neurotic record keeping. Then I kept thinking about it and, even in 1985, this just seemed impossible, so I asked him for clarification. I don't know if I knew this, or if I forgot. I am old you know, but Hubby explained that we had been given some tremendous deal. Seems he had a good friend who's uncle ran the hotel (which neither of us can remember the name of.) I do remember that it was nice and centrally located on the Strip. Anyway, we were given a deep discount, a free night and a free show. Hubby thinks we probably only paid about $25.00 for the package. That would explain it. Cuz, I wouldn't want anyone to think that we were like sitting up at night and killing bed bugs or anything. Hope this makes all of us feel

To my friend at Happily Ever After.....I actually went back to see if I had written "Brain" head. I was going to edit it and tell you that you're nuts....cuz I'm mean like that.

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Dena said...

hee-hee, and thanks for the clarification! Brainhead!