Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11 days of fun and Mammoth 1983

I just spent the last 11 days enjoying my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. We were on vacation in our own city. We built sandcastles at the beach, walked on Lily Pads at the Wild Animal Park, saw a brand new baby dolphin at Sea World, and spent two days at Disneyland. We visited Grandpa at work, because no visit is complete without sitting in a helicopter, we went swimming in the pool where my grandson survived his first bee sting, went in the backyard spa and celebrated a second birthday. We picked plums off of the tree and ate them in the backyard. We were busy, busy, busy, but never too busy for toddler kisses in the morning and toddler hugs before bed. Our grandson learned how to say Grandma and Grandpa (both of us are Raw-raw)and plum (bum) and shampoo.....lol. I took them to the airport last night and I miss them already. There was no little voice waking me up this morning and no sloppy kisses or bear hugs, but I get to see them again in 20 days because we are all going on vacation together. I think I can last that long.

Hanging out at the beach.

Enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth.

Before my vacation I promised (or threatened) to continue my series on past vacations. I'm up to March of 1983 when we went skiing in Mammoth. My daughter was 18 months old. We went with all of hubby's family and stayed in a condo.

We drove our Datsun Pickup (I think that Datsun became Toyota) and put all three of us in the front (only) seat. Since it was a manual transmission, the car seat was positioned closer to my side so that hubby could shift easier. I remember that it wasn't very comfortable. My daughter would play with a toy and then, when she was done, she would throw it at me. It was about a 7 hour drive and I was ready to get out of the truck by the time we got there.

We took turns skiing and watching our daughter.

We even put her on little tiny skis. We didn't take her up any of the lifts, but we pushed her around on small little inclines near our condo.

She loved the snow and especially the icicles. She would look out the window and point, then say "sicle" over and over again. Usually her grandpa would go outside and break one off for her to eat.

I don't remember much else about that trip. I know that we had a great time and that my daughter loved it.

Total cost for condo, food, gas and 5 days skiing.....$250.00.

Next up....January 1985 and another ski trip to Mammoth.

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Crayl said...

Holy Cannoli! Garret sure looks like Baby Lori! I mean, I see Troy in that kid all the time, but structurally, wow.
You look so good in those photos! Grandmahood looks good on you.