Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Bear Skiing

The second vacation we took as a married couple was a quick ski trip to Big Bear. I don't even know that you would consider it a vacation in the true sense of the word. Hubby's grandparents lived in San Bernadino CA which is right at the base of the mountain where the ski resort is located. In the interest of money, we opted to stay with them and drive up to the resort each day.

We skied for 5 days. I remember that for Southern California the snow was extremely good that week. There was actually a little powder instead of the usual ice-skating rink type snow/ice we typically have the pleasure of skiing on. We skied some days at Snow Valley and others at Snow Summit. Today, even the name has changed. Snow Summit is no more. Now it is Bear Mountain.

30 year old very grainy picture of Hubby getting ready to ski.

I don't remember much else about the actual skiing, but I can pretty much guarantee you that something like this happened (I know this because it ALWAYS

Hubby: (Whose skiing abilities far surpassed mine and whose daredevilness put me to shame) "Let's try this run."

Me: "What level is it?"

Hubby: "Medium. You'll be fine."

Me: "Are you sure?"

Hubby: "Positive."

Not wanting to disappoint, I would agree to try the run.

While on the chair lift and looking down at the run, the conversation would continue.

Me: "Ummmm, this looks pretty steep."

Hubby: "Oh, good grief. It's not like it's a black diamond or anything."

And there you would have it. ONLY black diamond runs were hard in his mind.

After getting off the chair lift, and starting to ski down, the conversation would continue like this:

Me: "Why do I listen to you? You do this to me all the time."

Hubby: "I really didn't think it would be this hard. You can do it. Just make big turns back and forth across the mountain."

Me: "I hate you."

Of course, not every run was like this. It would be unfair to depict him to be that big of an idiot and to make myself out to be totally stupid. There were a lot of runs that challenged me beyond my comfort zone and then there were many that I had no problem with. In retrospect, I suppose his pushing actually caused me to become better. I just HATED it when it was happening.

Picture of me no doubt praising God that I got down the run in one piece. (This picture was taken back when I would still allow pictures taken from behind.)

Hubby's grandparents were very gracious hosts. When we would return from skiing, his grandma would have a delicious dinner all prepared. She made the very best roast beef and gravy that I have ever tasted. I remember having that whenever we would visit, so I can safely assume that she prepared it on this trip too. One night we told them that we would like to take them out to dinner when we got back. His grandma (trying to be sweet) suggested that we order pizza. They were in their 80's and I doubt they ever ordered pizza. We agreed and when we got back she had already ordered for delivery. I clearly remember that at the time I hated veggie pizza. The bell pepper and onion grossed me out. Of course, that is what she ordered. There is nothing worse than trying to subtly pick off pieces of things you dislike. Funny how, almost 30 years later, that dinner still stands out in my mind.

Before I started to write this post I went on line to see how much lift tickets were now. For the 2007/2008 season an adult full-day lift ticket was $51.00. For us to ski 5 days would now cost us $510.00. That plus gas and lunches at the resort, we would be looking at a trip costing somewhere around $700, if not more. Back in 1979 we spent $110.00. And that is not a typo.

Next up: 1980 and a real ski vacation to Lake Tahoe.

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Lori said...

I like that Dad keeps track of how much you spend. It's fascinating to know that in the late 70's a skiing vacation for five days cost 110 dollars.