Monday, July 28, 2008

Brianhead Ski Vacation

This post finds us in January of 1986. We took a ski vacation to Brianhead, Utah for 5 nights with Hubby's family. There were 8 adults and 2 kids in a 2 bedroom condo with a loft. Hubby's parents had a bedroom, his brother and sister-in-law had a bedroom and his sister, her boyfriend, hubby, me and the kidlets shared the loft.

We always had a great time on all of these trips. We drove as far as Las Vegas the first day and stayed in a hotel there. We went to Circus Circus for a buffet dinner and to let the kids play some of the games in the fun zone. My son was just 2 and decided that he had a deep fear of balloons popping. There is a game there where you shoot water out of a gun, into a clowns mouth. This makes a balloon blow up and eventually pop. The first one to pop, wins. Well, my son was so terrified by the popping noise that he would cry hysterically. My daughter, who was 4 wanted to play the game, or at least torture her brother by playing the game. There was more than one of these games in different spots. We would have to take turns with one of us helping our daughter play the game and the other walking our son around praying that he wouldn't hear a balloon pop. We were marginally successful. We left the fun zone with several prize winning stuffed animals in tow.

That year, our daughter learned how to ski. She went to ski school and went on the bunny slopes. Our son wasn't quite ready for ski lessons, but we put him on skis and pushed him on the lower slopes near our condo. Our Condo was called Giant Steps. Any mother will appreciate my pain when I tell you that there was no elevator in this condo. Our condo was on the 3rd floor. That meant that, anytime we went anywhere, I was either carrying a child or two sets of skis, or both. I remember one day struggling to get both of the kids into all of their snow clothes. Gloves, hat, bibs, boots etc. When we got down to the bottom of the stairs I smelled something. Yep, you guessed it. Back up the stairs I went with one adorable little toddler, who was as that point, officially for sale. We finally made it out for the day and a good time was had by everyone.

My adorable little cherubs ready to go out to play.

All bundled up playing in the snow.

My son's first real attempt at skiing.

Ski Bunny.

This was the trip where my husband and his brother took my sister-in-law and I on a run that we thought was too hard. Ummm...where have we heard this story before? My husband coaxed me down the slope by having me make huge turns and go all the way across the run. My sister-in-law got so frustrated with my brother-in-law that she just sat down and refused to go anywhere. Of course, she quickly figured out that that meant she was never getting off of the mountain. In frustration, she took off her skis and sent them down the hill ahead of her and told her husband to catch them. We all wondered what she was going to do next since she was still at the top of the hill. She simply layed down on her back and slid straight down the hill at rapid speed. It was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Her logic was that if she started out on the ground then she couldn't fall. I doubt that she will ever live that one down.

This may also be the trip where my hubby and both of my brothers-in-law would get out of the spa and run into the snow where they would proceed to make snow angels. It was freezing and they were nuts!

5 days skiing, condo, hotel in Vegas, food and gas.......$520.00. As you can see, it has started to get more expensive to ski with each trip we take and with our children starting to ski too.

Next trip.....Lake Tahoe.....Summer of 1986.


heather said...

I'm glad you didn't end up selling the toddler. He might not have turned out as good ;)

Jon said...

Why do I look so strange on those skis? Look at my face. What's going on there?