Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've been tagged

Cool! I've been tagged by my daughter to pick up the closest book and write down the first 5 sentences on page 123. The book is The Best of Erma Bombeck. Don't ask. The 5 sentences are so weird in view of the recent post I had about my grandson, but here goes:

Grandmas defy description. They really do. They occupy such a unique place in the life of a child. They can shed the yoke of responsibility, relax, and enjoy their grandchildren in a way that was not possible when they were raising their own children. And they glow in the realization that here is their seed of life that will harvest generations to come.

I told you it was weird. Anyway, I tag Carol, Jon, Heather, Vicki and Angie.

Thanks for tagging me Lori!


Carol said...

HA! I already did it in my blog! But just because I love you I will leave another one here, from a different book!:
...places in the Bible where they are referred to as "sons of God". I use this fact to make a point that although we love our children no matter how mature they are, there is a difference in what we can trust our little children with and what we can trust to our grown sons and daughters. There is a difference between the liberties and the privileges and the responsibilities that we can give to mature sons and daughters. We come into the kingdom of God as little children, even babies, in Christ. Then we learn about our covenant and about being joint heirs with Christ, and we hear about about the wonderful things God wants to do for us.
Haring From God, Joyce Meyer

heather said...

Umm if you thought yours was weird, here's mine, which I'm posting here because I don't know where else to. The closest book to me is "Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion that Ever Lived" by Ralph Helfer.

"We want to put lions on the float with no cages, but we're concerned as to whether it will be safe. We called all the animal companies, including Jungleland, but everybody turned us down; they say it's too dangerous. Maybe we're asking too much. There will be about a million people lined around the route, and it's not entirely under our control. There will be children, balloons popping, bands - lots of noise and activity."

It's in reference to a float for the Rose Parade from what I gather, though I haven't read that far. I ended up being curious and read the end of the chapter and apparently they put four lions on a Roman Coliseum/Gladiator themed float in the parade, and the lions were on leashes on pillars on the float and did just fine. Weird.

Jon said...

A Blistered Kind of Love: One Couple's Trial by Trail

For safety's sake we camped early. Nestled in an ice-carved canyon, Guitar Lake's still waters were surrounded by a sea of sparkling snow patches and boulders, home to both pink rockfringe flowers and mischievous marmots. About the size of raccoons and the largerst members of the squirrel family, marmots seemed as common in the High Sierra as pigeons in the city. They paused their grazing only long enough to glance quizzically at us and let out an occasional whistle. As we set up our tent, a stiff, cold breeze came down off the mountain, bringing large pellets of rain.