Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Committment to Giving

I have a ton of shoes. Way too many shoes. Shoes I don't even wear, but save because someday they just might be the only pair of shoes that will go with the outfit I'm wearing that day. The only time I get rid of shoes is if they actually get worn out or something on them breaks or if I just can't fit another new pair into the closet. Then and only then do I get rid of a pair.

The last couple of Christmas' our church has participated in Operation Christmas Child. Headed by the organization Samaritan's Purse an organization whose primary focus is ministering to suffering children around the world. Operation Christmas Child, for those of you who have never heard of it, encourages people to fill shoe boxes with items for underprivileged children. The boxes are wrapped in Christmas wrapping. They suggest you fill your box with items such as hygiene items, small toys, school supplies etc. You can write a personal note to the child as well. Once the box leaves your church it goes to a distribution center where they will add a leaflet telling the child about the love of Jesus Christ in his/her own language. Some of these children have never been presented with the gospel of Jesus. Most of them have never received a gift.

I decided that since I love to buy shoes, have the means to freely buy them and usually discard the box to put the shoes into built-in-cubbies in my closet, that I am going to make the following rule: "If I buy a pair of shoes I must then take the shoe box and fill it for a child somewhere in the world." If God has blessed me with the ability to freely buy then I am going to in turn give to someone less fortunate. I'll just store the filled shoe boxes until it is time for this year's drive.

You are probably wondering why in the heck I am posting this, right? Well, I would like to challenge all of the other shoeaholics (I know there are a lot of you out there) to consider doing the same thing. The boxes can be filled for a reasonable price if you shop at places like the Dollar Store or Big Lots. If you want more information on Operation Christmas Child go to and check it out.


Carol G said...

Brilliant idea, and I am going to re-post this on my myspace blog with your permission (May I?) You will be given full credit.

Lori said...

Very good idea. I just have one question.

Um, when you purchase a pair of shoes for me (which is really how I get most of them) who is financially responsible for the shoe box?

Ginny said...

To Lori,

This is my committment....not necessarily yours. I think that I meant shoe boxes for my feet would be filled. If you are so inclined to participate....that's great. If not, well then.....I'll have to think about whether I am the one to fill the shoe box. LOL....only you would muddy the waters.