Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oahu and Kauai 2007

In September 2007 we went to Oahu and Kauai with my daughter, son-in-law and then 13 month old grandson. We spent the first 2 nights in Oahu so that my son-in-law and daughter could visit Pearl Harbor. They went on the tour and we babysat our grandson (twist our arms). We took him to Waikiki beach and played in the water with him.

First he needed a banana for energy:

Then it was off to play in the water:

After two days we headed to Kauai where we stayed at the Point at Poipu. The grounds were beautiful and our condo had the beach out the back door and the pool out the front:

The pool had real sand around it, giving it a very natural effect. Our grandson loved it.

We spent one day on a great tour. We started out kayaking up this river:

Then we hiked through the rain forest to a truck pulling a wagon through an old plantation. The wagon took us to the trees where we had lunch and went zip lining. After zip lining we hiked to Secret Falls. Then it was a boat ride back down river to the starting point. Our grandson went along and he did everything except the zip lining. He was an absolute angel. This trip was one of my favorite ever in Hawaii.

Another day we went tubing down an irrigation ditch on an old sugar cane plantation. We wore helmets and headlamps and floated down through many tunnels. You could not control the inner tube because you were at the mercy of the water's flow. It was a blast! Unfortunately, we don't have pictures of either one of these days because they were on waterproof camera's and we all know how well they work! You'll just have to take my word for it that we actually did it and that we had fun. Maybe my daughter has some pictures. If she does, maybe she'll post them on her blog sometime.

Another day we drove to the north end of the Island and went hiking on the Napali Coast. My Grandson had the best ride in town:

The views were amazing:

We packed a picnic lunch and walked on the beach:

We went to the lighthouse:

And enjoyed the scenery:

Most days ended looking something like this:

Except for the 24 hours I battled some kind of food poisoning, a great time was had by all. Our grandson says that he can remember going to Hawaii with Papa. Who am I to argue? Hopefully, there will be many more vacations spent with him.

Total cost for 10 days in paradise.....$3713.00

Next year we introduce our grandson to Lake Tahoe and we spend a week on a cruise to Mexico. Then we will be completely caught up. Unless you count all the trips we take to 'that other state that my daughter lives in.'


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I'm in the next one! Woohoo!

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