Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mexican Cruise 2008

This is it! The last post in the never ending series of all the places I have been in 30 years of marriage. Of course there were other weekend trips, camping trips and trips to 'that other state my daughter lives in' that I left out, but this will pretty much get us up to date. Are you all as thankful as I am? Of course, this will mean that I need to plan another vacation :)

In October of 2008 we went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta aboard the Vision of the Seas. The Vision is part of Royal Caribbean's fleet.

We were celebrating Hubby's 50th birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary. We had no idea what to expect since we had never cruised before. We both enjoyed it so much more then we thought we would. It was wonderful. Our room was nice, the ship was beautiful, the crew was amazing, the ports were fun and spending the week with my cousin and her husband was a blast.

We sailed out of Long Beach. The weather was perfect. We met up with my cousin and her husband and boarded together:

Immediately they sent us up to the 9th deck to E.A.T. We soon found out that we would be doing a lot of that over the next 7 days. Lucky for us they had a gym and a track, both of which we made use of, and I only gained 1.5 pounds the whole week.

On sailing days we lounged by the pool. We enjoyed watching all of the silly things that go on pool side like the belly flop contest and ice sculpture speed carving. We were sailing over Halloween and we enjoyed watching some of the people who brought costumes. One in particular, Wonder Woman, who we later found out used to be Wonder Man. You should have seen the dresses he/she wore on formal nights! Then there was the woman with the largest floatation devices I have ever seen. I don't think they actually have a number to adequately label them. DDDD wouldn't even come close. She was a little pathetic. I don't know what kind of a doctor would have done that to someone, but I suspect that is a post for another time. We saw her laying by the pool in a string bikini. I hope the visual hasn't made you loose your lunch.

We ate our dinners in the Main dining room. The food was fabulous. I don't think I had a bad meal. Everything from the appetizers to the dessert was yummy. After about the 2nd meal, your waiter gets to know you and your preferences. Our drinks would automatically come to the table. We never even had to order anymore. We enjoyed the formal nights. Even Hubby didn't mind getting dressed up and standing in line to have his picture taken. It kind of reminded us both of going to the prom.

Cabo San Lucas was very hot and humid. We spent that day eating fish tacos and drinking beer at No Worry's. Well, everyone else was drinking beer, I was drinking water. We rented a water taxi to take us out to the Arches. The water was really choppy. It was like an old E ticket ride at Disneyland. We saw a water taxi capsized and were thankful for our experienced driver:

The scare was worth it as the scenery was breathtaking:

In Mazatlan we took a taxi to the Golden Zone. This is the area where there are a lot of nice resorts:

We walked along the beach:

Then we spent the afternoon poolside at a local resort:

In Puerto Vallarta we took a taxi to the flea markets. We walked along the beach and enjoyed the sand sculptures designed by the local artists:

Then we went back to the ship and walked to a local resort to use their beach and pool:

Each night when we would go back to our room we would find a different animal waiting for us and chocolates would be on our pillows:

We loved cruising and would eagerly go again. I think I hear Alaska and the Caribbean calling us and there is always the Panama Canal. Total cost of this trip was $1212.00.

Now that this series is done I am anxious to find something new to write about. How pathetic is it that when something strange happens I find myself thinking about what a humorous blog it would make? I am actually looking forward to being able to blog about having a new grandson. That should be very soon. So stay tuned to let the bragging begin....I just can't help myself.

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