Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1998 & 1999

I've decided to combine these two years because both of them are to Lake Tahoe. In 1998 we let the kids both take friends again. My son took D again and my daughter took L. We had a great week rafting, going to the beach and hanging out at the cabin playing games.

There were a lot of mosquitos that year. My daughter and L decided that they were going to protect themselves from any potential bites by concocting a 'mosquito repellant getup.' I know I have a picture someplace, but I can't for the life of me find it. They wore long pants, socks on their hands, towels over their heads etc. They walked to the store one evening with us and my hubby was truly mortified. Everyone was staring at them like they had the plague. He was genuinely embarrassed and would barely even talk to them. Personally, I thought it was funny.

Here are a couple of pictures of all of us enjoying the lake.

As always, the week went by too fast and we looked forward to going back the next year. Total cost for the week $788.00.

In 1999, just the four of us went. My daughter had just graduated from High School and I wanted one last year as a family on vacation. I had no idea if she would ever go with us again or not. I remember trying to remember every little detail of that year because I knew that potentially our vacations would never be the same again. The pancake breakfast and hayride made me sad because I remembered so many of them when the kids were little.. Rafting was bittersweet because I could clearly see them sitting in the bottom of the raft wearing tiny life vests. The whole week was like that. As it turns out, my daughter still wanted to go on family vacations after she went to college, but in my mind, that year, vacation would never be the same. One week $$610.00. Next year we actually do something we had never done before.

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beth said...

Keep offering the older children a chance to vacation with the family. I find the later trips to be very rewarding for all.