Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brianhead Skiing March, 1989

In March of 1989 we all went skiing to Brianhead again. This time we invited my sister, husband and my 9 month old nephew. Now that my kids were 5 and 7, and clearly old enough to take themselves up and down stairs, we rented a different condo. Yep, gone were the three flights of stairs and no elevator. This time we stayed at the Aspen's. We had two condos split between the group. We weren't side by side so we would walk back and forth to eat meals together and to hang out. There was a lot of snow that year. Here is a picture of the condo.

One of the things that we always used to do when we would go skiing was to rotate cooking meals. Each couple would be responsible for cooking one dinner while we were there. I don't remember which couple served chocolate pudding for dessert, but I doubt that would own up to it now. My 9 month old nephew had never had pudding before. It seemed harmless enough to let him have a few bites. After all, there was no chewing involved. I don't really know how much he ate, but we might as well have shot a narcotic straight into his veins. I was holding him shortly after he ate and he began to literally climb up the wall behind me. He was wired so tight that he could not sit still. This went on for hours. My sister could not get him to relax enough to fall asleep. Later, when we all went to bed, she had to put him in bed with her and her husband. We could hear him in the bed between them saying, "Peek!" over and over again. He was pulling their eyes open to play peek-a-boo. We were laying in our room and laughing hysterically. Needless to say, I don't think that my nephew was ever allowed to eat pudding again and he's now 20 years old.

Because there was so much snow the skiing was excellent. Here are a couple of pictures of my kids on the slopes.

She was one of the cutest little ski bunnies on the slopes. She took "making a pie" very seriously.

The kids spent a lot of time that year playing with their cousin in the snow. The last day they were reporting that a big storm was coming in. My sister and her husband decided to leave a night early. They wanted to beat the storm. The rest of us stayed and this is what we woke up to the morning we were supposed to leave:

Somewhere underneath those four lumps are our cars. Since parking lots are the last thing to be plowed, we had to wait for the main roads to be plowed first. Of course once that started to happen, the guys couldn't help themselves and went down to try and dig us out. I think we might have gotten out of there around 10 in the morning.

As always, Brianhead was a good time.

5 days skiing, gas, food and lodging.....$$780.00

Next vacation. Bet you can't guess.....Tahoe.....August 1989.


Jon said...

I don't remember much about those skiing vacations, but I do remember looking out the window and seeing those big white bumps.

Vicki said...

I admit it...the pudding was my own darn fault! Seemed like a good idea at the time. Perhaps someone should have told me not to give a nine month old an adult portion of pudding! I'm sending Kyle a link to your blog for this one. Maybe this has something to do with his recent obsession with health food? Ah, good times....

Adams family said...

Hey! I always see you comment on Lori's blog but I didnt realize that you had one also. I am going to add you to my little list of blog friends so that I can keep reading yours.