Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lake Tahoe August 1988

In August of 1988 we went to Tahoe for the second time with the kids and the 5th time as a couple. We had a busy summer that year. The week before we left to go to Tahoe, my daughter had Girl Scout day camp. I went as a counselor. We were leaving for Tahoe on Saturday and on Thursday afternoon, at camp, THIS happened:

While walking on stilts my legs were getting too far apart. My foot started to roll off of the little platform. The outside of my sneaker stayed on the platform and the rest of my foot rolled off. The result was a small broken bone in my foot, a ridiculous cast and the realization that I was going to go to Tahoe in two days and not be able to get wet. For about 60 seconds I thought about not going and having Hubby go ahead with the kids. Yah, that was short lived.

We decided to drive to the Lake at night. That way the kids could sleep and it wouldn't be hot etc. Well, that wasn't one of our better ideas. Just ask my daughter. We were in a Honda Civic. I had to keep my foot elevated. So, I reclined my seat and put my foot on the dashboard. My daughter was sitting behind me. While I wasn't completely laying down, I'm sure I was seriously encroaching on her space. My son, come to find out, couldn't get comfortable in the car for that long. At 4 years old, he was a total stomach sleeper. He also had an annoying habit of banging his head when he was trying to fall asleep. The pediatrician said it was a glorified form of rocking. (It's not like I never rocked him when he was a baby.) In his own bed, this meant picking his head up and banging it down, repeatedly, until he fell asleep. Well, in the car it was moving his body forward and throwing his head back against the seat, over and over again. Then waking up and complaining that he wanted to roll over and starting the whole process over again. My poor daughter. She was 6 years old and totally over it. Mom in her face, brother rocking the whole car and having to sleep sitting up. I'm surprised she didn't have a total meltdown. Eventually we did make it to the cabin and, with a few adjustments, a great time was had by all.

Tahoe Tessie was still there waiting for us. Scratching on the cabin walls at bedtime and walking on the roof in the morning. The kids and hubby still went River Rafting while I sat in the shade by the dam and read a book. We still went to the Lake and I sat in the shade with a book. We took a day trip to Virginia City. You know the place that Hoss, Adam and Little Joe used to ride to on Bonanza. It is a real live, old, western town. We went on a train ride and looked in little shops. We spent time just hanging out at the cabin feeding the blue jays and laughing at the kids daring each other to sneak over to the 'witches cabin.'

My cousin and her family came up from Reno and spent the day. Here is a picture of my 'twin' cousin, her daughter, myself, my kids and my uncle.

A picture of my son standing beside a huge tree stump in front of the cabin.

At some point during the trip, my daughter must have forgiven my son for the horrible car ride because here they are posing for a picture at the lake.

I'm sure that trip wasn't what I would have liked it to be, but there is NEVER a bad day at Lake Tahoe.

14 days at the Lake.......$$510.00.

Next vacation, March 1989, Brianhead, Utah.

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Cute pics, and how can I get your tan?