Friday, February 1, 2008

Who looks like Who?

Well, I'm not too sure how accurate other people will think this thing is because when my children were little I thought I was purely a warm place to hang out for nine months. The only thing I thought my children shared of me was that one had my eyes and the other had my skin tone. Other than that there was just some simple DNA. Lately I have seen some pictures of myself with both of them where I've actually thought, "hey...they kinda look like me....maybe just a tad." My daughter found a Look-a-like meter and you can look at the results below. Tell me what you think.

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Carol G said...

I just read all your posts, and I am glad I did. You are officially on my list, and let me tell you, that's an honor. I don't have all day to read a million be happy, and I will be thankful to get a glimpse of your life. Miss you, but this will help!