Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 6: 'Finding Beauty In Unexpected Places'

I actually took this picture the week the theme was 'Use your imagination.'  I was in my backyard, sitting in a chair and looking up at the clouds.  I was going for the use of imagination while looking at the clouds.  I sat like that for quite awhile.  I took several pictures of the clouds, but none of them looked like anything to me except, well.....clouds.  While my camera was pointed upward, I noticed these in one of the trees in the yard:

There isn't a leaf on any of the trees in my yard.  Somehow, a few of whatever these things are had managed to remain through the winds and the rain.  A quiet reminder of what the tree looked like in the spring, summer and into the fall.  It was as if Mother Nature was decorating an otherwise barren tree.  I found them to be beautiful and unexpected this time of year.

Can't wait for the theme for week 7.

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