Thursday, June 18, 2009

It May Or May Not Have Happened

I haven't blogged in such a long time. I really haven't had anything to say. We have been busy, but we haven't done anything that has been, worthy.

Most of you know that I try to spend a day a week with my dad. I just feel sorry for the guy. Being all alone is something that I can't wrap my brain around and when I try it makes me imagine life without my Hubby. Then I think about how that is something that I just don't want to think about. You get the picture. Anyway, sometimes it is so painful to spend time with him because he just does the most embarrassing things. Other times, he is just fine and through our conversations, I find myself learning all sorts of interesting things about him. This week we went to run some errands together and we went out to lunch. Our first stop was Kohl's where he bought himself a new set of pots and pans and some new towels.

On the way there he may or may not have told me for the 3,416 time that he just doesn't get why the people who inherited the mobile home next door to him put any money into remodeling it before they rented it out. He may or may not have told me that he just doesn't see why they don't sell it.

He may or may not have told me for the 5,329 time that he doesn't get why the lot on the next street over is still sitting empty.

He may or may not have, while waiting to be seated at the Olive Garden, said in his loudest voice, "They call San Fransisco the City by the bay. I call it Queers by the bay." Yep, you read that right, but he may or may not have said that.

Then, while walking through Kohl's a completely different, totally random old lady, may or may not have said the following:

(Seeing my dad carrying a large collage picture frame that I was buying)

Her: You sure must have a lot of people in your life to buy a picture frame that big.

Me: I actually do a picture frame like this for every five years that I've been married. We just hit 30 years and I need to do a new one.

Her: (Looking toward my dad) Well, congratulations! Enjoy him while you have him. I just recently lost my husband of nearly 60 years.

I don't think my dad caught that she was implying that WE were married because he told her that he had lost his wife after nearly 57 years of marriage too. Hopefully that cleared up any confusion, but seriously! Come on now! Do I look like I could be married to an 82 year old man? I was so horrified and so grossed out. I let it go and washed my brain out with soap.

Then just to make me feel guilty about how I don't always have the happiest of hearts when I spend time with him, he may or may not have insisted on paying for lunch for the 1,287 time to my like 10. He may or may not have let me borrow, or keep, my mom's old food processor so that I could shred and dice my bumper zucchini crop. And he may or may not have bought me a set of towels at Kohl's just because I thought they were pretty. Believe me, I tried to say no, but he may or may not have listened.


heidi said...

awww, even after all the crazy stories i've heard about your dad, he still sounds cute to me :)

p.s. i loved the line, "washed my brain out with soap"

Dena said...

i like your dad too. and what does it mean that jay embarrasses me in Olive Garden and he's only 45? what do I have to look forward to?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Your dad and my dad would get along great...

And we could take them out to lunch and take turns wanting to climb under the table from embarassment.

But...still love mine to pieces. Most of the time....