Saturday, March 14, 2009

What About That Seemed Like A Good Idea?

My Hubby did the strangest thing the other day. As the days have gone by, I still can't begin to imagine what the thought process could have possibly been to have made it seem like a good idea on any level.

(Keep in mind that I have a Golden Retriever who comes in the house and at the time I had my 2.5 year old grandson staying with me who loves to play outside.)

My grandson was outside in the backyard playing. He likes to play with his trucks in the rocks, play in the dog's water, look for lizards under anything that they might possibly hide under and he especially loves to play up on the hill. Our kid's old playhouse is still up there and he loves to go inside and shut the door. Whenever he would go outside we would tell him the same thing which was that he wasn't allowed to play in the dog water. Sometimes he obeyed, but more often he didn't. This particular day I was checking on him every couple of minutes through my bedroom window. He was happily playing on the hill with the dog in tow. The next thing I knew he was coming down the stairs holding his hands out like something was on them. I went to the back door just as he arrived and he was saying Uh-oh over and over again. I saw that his hands, shirt and jeans had white paint on them. With his track record, I just assumed he had gotten into paint somewhere. I cleaned him up and his mommy asked him where he had gotten the paint. He showed us where. Total confusion was the only response I could come up with. I wish I would have thought to have taken a picture of what he was showing us. Up on the hill was a hole filled with white paint. Yep, right where the dog walks and the two year old plays. Annoyed beyond belief, I got a shovel and filled the hole with dirt to cover the paint. I called my husband to try and get an explanation, but only got his voice mail. Needless to say, I left him a rather scathing voice mail wanting to know what on earth he was thinking.

When he returned my call he confirmed what I already knew....he hadn't been thinking at all. He said that he had just a small amount of paint left in the bottom of the can and he thought if he poured it in a hole it would set up and he could just dig it up and throw it away. Say what???? Did you forget that we have a dog and a 2 year old? Do you have any idea how lucky you are that one of them didn't get it on their paws/feet and track it across the carpet? I mean seriously! After a short pause he replied, "Hmmmm....I guess I just never thought about that." Now, for anyone who knows my is that response even possible? And the other question I have about this whole thing it even environmentally safe to do what he did? And why is it that the whole time it was happening all I could think of was that I couldn't wait to blog about it?


Vicki said...

You're lucky Sierra didn't drink it! Gotta be just a tad bit toxic. Men...! :-)

Adams family said...

Dont you just love when something happens and your already thinking about your blog.

Peilabanana said...

I was reading this and never, ever, ever thought that Jon could be responsible for it. Has he been getting enough sleep? Too funny!

Dena said...

I agree with Grangie, I kept expecting it to be Garrett's fault all along. Is Jon losing it??? Very sad. :o)