Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I read my friends blog where she's listed 10 random things about herself and because I read it I've been tagged. Well, I thought about just pretending that I didn't read it because I'm boring and don't think there are 10 random things you want to know about me, but I really like this person and she knows I read her blog, so.......

1. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so vain. Covering my grey can be really expensive. As I'm leaving the salon I know that the grey is simply regrouping to return yet again.

2. I have a weird quirk where if I open a can of anything I have to make sure that I get everything out of the can. Otherwise, I feel sorry for the bean (or whatever) that gets left behind.

3. I can't believe I'm fifty. There is so much I want to do and I know I will never have time to do it all.

4. My mom died in February and I still can't sit in the chair that she always sat in. It just creeps me out. Nothing else in the house bothers me, so I don't really know why the chair bothers me.

5. I wish I was 2 inches shorter so that I could buy pants that weren't talls. They are so hard to find and the selections are so limited.

6 I love to cook. I subscribe to three cooking magazines. My hubby is such a good sport because sometimes the recipes look and sound better than they actually taste.

7. I feed birds. Not like a little old lady sitting on a park bench or anything like that, but I put out seed, thistle, sunflower seeds, peanuts and hummingbird nectar. I love to watch the different types of birds. The blue jays are my favorite.

8. Lake Tahoe is like heaven on earth to me. Our little family spent alot of vacation time in a tiny cabin near Tahoe City. My husband and I went on our honeymoon there. It is a place that we all love. We will be going this summer for 9 days. It doesn't seem to matter how many times we go, I always get excited.

9. I am really proud of the Godly adults my children have become. My daughter is amazing. If God had moved me to another state, away from family and friends, when I was a young mother, I wouldn't have gone with such grace. My son has become an awesome Godly man. He is in school preparing to serve the Lord. I know that he is going to make a real difference in many peoples lives as he continues to seek Him.
I love you both.

10. This November my husband and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary. We are going on a cruise to Mexico. My cousin and her husband will be joining us! Fun and sun here we come.

Ok, there are some very random things that you probably didn't want to know about me. If you read this you too have been tagged!


heidi said...

like i said on lori's blog, i had no idea that you blogged too! the one about the chair your mom used to sit on reminded me of when i was 9. my grandpa had just died and we had a picture of him and my grandma on the wall at our house. i couldn't walk near it; i always gave it a wide berth whenever i had to pass by!

Dena said...

First, I just read Heidi's comment and was laughing out loud. The wide berth....too funny.

And then, dang it, I've already done the 10 things, do I have to do it again? I liked your 10 things, I see myself as boring too, so if I like your 10 things, maybe that means someone will like mine? :o)