Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Not Even April Fools Day

My daughter and my grandson are coming tomorrow! We haven't seen each other since April 2nd. This is entirely too long. We are adjusting to not seeing them several times a week, like we used to, but 50 days drives me nuts. That's why I didn't find the following conversation very amusing:

Message left on cell phone from daughter: "Hi Mom, if you get this give me a call."

Me: Hi, What's up?

Her: I just got a phone call from a supervisor at JetBlue. He wanted to let me know that my flight tomorrow has been cancelled. He said that they would try and find another flight for me so I should stand by.

For the briefest of seconds I thought about going into a blind rage and getting furious. Then for another nano-second I thought about crying because if she couldn't get a flight then she couldn't go camping with us and all of our plans would be ruined. See, when you don't see your daughter or your grandson in 50 days all reason is thrown out the window. But, then I realized that she couldn't be serious. Because if she was serious she wasn't even remotely upset enough. Then I wondered if she was serious and had thoroughly adjusted to living away from us and didn't want to see us as badly as we want to see her. That made the next fraction of a second very scary. It's one thing to live in that "other state", but not missing us is unacceptable. As I really processed what she had said I clearly knew she was kidding because she said the Supervisor had told her to 'stand by'. My daughter does not 'stand by'. She is a take charge kind of person. She would have been calling all the other airlines and finding herself a flight. She would never leave it to someone else. Remember, only about 2 seconds have elapsed while all of those thoughts have run through my head.

Me: Are you serious?

Her: No, but a supervisor from JetBlue did call me to make sure that I realized my flight time had changed since I made my reservation. Wasn't that nice?

Me: Real nice.

For the record, I would have flapped my arms and flown to pick her up myself if need be.

Did I mention that I get to see my daughter and grandson tomorrow and that I am very excited?

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Z-Mama said...

Awe, hope you guys had fun camping!!!