Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week One: 'A Day In The Life Of Me.....' The 52 Week Photo Project

Last year I participated in the 52 Week Photo Project.  My friend, Shayna, hosts the Facebook page and comes up with most of the themes.  Every Friday a new theme is posted and we see how creative we can be at photographing that theme.  I loved every single minute of it.  Some of the themes were very challenging.  Some of my pictures I wasn't very happy with.  Others, I was surprised I had taken. 

Shayna decided to continue it again this year.  I've decided to share each weeks theme and picture on my blog.

This weeks theme is 'A Day In The Life of Me....'

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ⒿⒶⓃⓔⓉ said...

Great photo! I am also sharing them on my blog. I hope it helps me to keep up on my blog, I have neglected it terribly. Looking forward to this years themes and photos! I to have LOVED every moment of taking these pictures.