Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jon!

Today is my favorite son's 26th birthday. He came into the world at 1:25 pm. Not kicking and screaming like a typical new born, but fighting for his life. In that moment, 9 weeks premature and unable to breathe on his own, Jon Robert Pumpernickle changed my life forever.

Raised with only a sister and mommy to a little girl, this little boy was a whole new experience. I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mommy. (Yah, there were moments, but......).

Today, I will get to celebrate his birthday and Christmas with him and his new wife. This morning, she was the one to make his birthday breakfast. I thought that it might seem weird, but it didn't. She makes him so happy and treats him like a Prince. It was just the natural progression of things, and I'm more than OK with that. I will admit, that when I see him today, I will probably think about the one year old with chocolate cake in his hair, or the 10 year old who wanted to go to the Aztec Basketball game, or the 16 year old who couldn't wait to get his drivers license. I know that I will be thinking that he can't possibly be 26.

Happy Birthday Jon! I love you and I am so proud that you are my son.

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