Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loved Rotten

When I was last in Utah, attending Woman's Retreat at my daughter's church, I stayed a few extra days to spend time with my grandsons. One day we were in Walmart doing some misc. shopping. We were in the fabric section and Garrett saw some Cars fabric. He fell in love with it and I offered to make him a pillow case out of it. My daughter asked me if it would be possible to make him an apron out of it instead. Garrett loves to help his mommy in the kitchen and he isn't always the neatest of chefs. We went over and looked at the patterns and found a cute one that had his size. Garrett, keep in mind, was present for all of this. I distinctly remember showing him the pattern.

Fast forward a few weeks......Grandma goes home and makes him the cutest little apron you've ever seen. I even made him a little hand towel thingy that used some of the fabric and a dish towel so that he could keep his hands clean while he was helping mommy in the kitchen. I mailed them off right before we went on vacation.

While I was in Oahu I received a call from my daughter telling me that Garrett loved his apron and towel, but she also shared the following conversation:

G: (looking at the apron and towel) I wanted a pillowcase.

L: Don't you remember that Grandma decided to make you an apron?

G: I wanted a pillowcase. Is Damma going to send the pillowcase?

Now, I KNOW that he was aware that he was getting an apron, but he must have thought that that was in addition to the pillowcase. It bothered me so much that he was disappointed. Fast forward several hours..........our plane leaves Oahu and we head for Maui. After landing we immediately head to Costco and Walmart for a food run before heading for the condo. So bothered by Garrett's disappointment, I check the fabric section of Walmart on the off chance that they might have the same fabric. THEY DID!!! I bought a yard, paying twice as much for it on Maui as I did in Utah. I sent Lori a text messsage telling her that she could tell Garrett that the pillow case would be arriving shortly after we got home from vacation. Her response was "little scam artist."

Some people will probably say that I am spoiling him rotten, but I want to put that notion to bed. I am simply LOVING him rotten. But, then again, what are 'Damma's' for?

After, I get caught up on Christmas shopping, decorating and pillow case making I will post some pictures of our trip.


heidi said...

i can totally see my mom doing the same thing. we missed you around here!

Deb said...

I absolutely AGREE! Way to go! That pillowcase will forever be covered with extra special love and when the Rock Star is having a rough night he can bury his nose into the pillowcase and feel his "Damma's hugs".