Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools Joke

So, we are still visiting with our daughter and her family. Yesterday, being April Fool's Day, my daughter and I decided to play a joke on "the son-in-law." Well, actually, I came up with the idea and helped her plan it, but the acting was ALL my daughter. For anyone who knows my daughter you all know that "the son-in-law" didn't have a chance. My husband, son-in-law and grandson were downstairs. My daughter stood on her bed holding a "popcorn popper" toy. She jumped off the bed shaking the toy which created a bang and a clang. Then she stood in the doorway and waited. Following is the conversation:

Guys (in unison): What was that?

Me: Are you alright?

Daughter: Oh, don't come up here.

Son-in-law: (Now up the stairs) What happened? Let me in the room.

Daughter: No, you are going to be so mad. I was standing on the bed and knocking down a cobweb off of the ceiling fan. I lost my balance and instinctly grabbed the fan blade. It pulled the fan right out of the wall. There is fan and ceiling all over the bed.

Dad (From down stairs): You pulled the fan right out of the wall? (He turns and walks away from the bottom of the stairs as if to say, "boy am I glad this is someone else's problem")

Son-in-law: Oh, you better let me see. (Very calmly too I might add.)

Daughter: OK....(she moves out of the way)

Son-In-law looks and of course the ceiling fan is fine.

Daughter: April Fools!!

Son-In Law: Thank goodness. I was trying to figure out how much that was going to cost and who was going to help me fix it.

Kuddos to my son-in-law for being so calm. Not so sure my Hubby would have been. He would have let me have it with both barrels I'm sure.


Carol G said...

Too funny. I love that I can hear your voices in my head...or is that bad thing? HAHA.
:) I am so happy that you get to visit them so often!!

Lori said...

Oh boy was that ever funny