Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today is my favorite 4 year old's birthday!  Happy Birthday Little Buddy! 

I love your infectious giggle.  It honestly seems to start in your toes and by the time it escapes your lips, everyone else is laughing along with's just that darn adorable.  I love that the simplest things make you laugh.  The way you wiggle when we put lotion on you to the way your eyes light up when we make a silly face.  Everything is a reason to laugh.

I love your passion to entertain us by doing head stands.  "Yook, gwandma....I can stand on my head."  The amazing thing can!  Absolutely anywhere.  You just do it.  Put your head on the ground....your legs in the air...and balance.  It's really a feat to be quite proud of.  I love that you practice doing the splits.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will get all the way to the ground one day very soon.  I'm not really sure what you are going to do with this particular skill set down the road, but for now it is quite entertaining.

I love your bear hugs and kisses.  The way you wrap your arms around my neck and make that noise we all make when we are hugging each other hard.  Then you pull away, look me in the eyes and give me a big kiss.  It melts my heart every single time.

I especially love how much you love your Grandpa.  I don't know what it is about you, your brother and your Grandpa.  You all seem to just love each other.  The last time we came to visit I was the first one to come into the house.  You smiled, looked past me and said, "Where's Gwandpa?"  And the rest of the week it was the three of you glued at the hip.  Secretly, I don't mind.  There just might not be anything cuter than a boy and his grandpa.

Grandma loves spending time with you and experiencing new places with you.  I loved that we all got to hang out in Hawaii together last summer.  You loved the beach and the pool and the Hula Dancers!  You even tried to get your hips going just like them!  The Zoo, Safari Park, Sea World and Legoland are a few of our other favorite places to visit. 

Grandma hopes you have an amazing day and an even better year.  There will be even more doors opening for you this year, Little Buddy.  Grandma is so proud of you and so blessed that you are in my life.  Grandma and Grandpa love you to the moon and back!